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 Founded in Australia, Footlogics is involved with the development, manufacturing and distribution of orthotic insoles and orthotic footwear. Our goal is to provide health practitioners with effective and affordable orthotic therapy solutions to assist in the treatment of common biomechanical complaints. In turn this will help alleviate pain and prevent future problems and injury. Our aim is to enable patients to walk pain-free and to achieve an active and healthy lifestyle. Footlogics products are used by podiatrists, chiropodists, physiotherapists as well as chiropractors in many countries around the world.

Footlogics is an innovative business with over 15 years of experience in Lower Limb Biomechanics and orthotic manufacturing. We proudly export our products to the UK, USA, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, South-Africa, Korea and South-East Asia. Recently, we opened an office in Ranipet, Tamil Nadu.

Our product technology is based on years of biomechanical research and clinical trials. The product development process is refined through the use CAD/CAM production facilities. Consequently, our orthotics are of the highest quality, providing the wearer with maximum walking comfort and effective foot pain relief.

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Over 15 years of experience

The Footlogics Mission

Our aim is to provide patients with affordable yet effective solutions to common biomechanical complaints, including heel pain, foot pain, knee and low back pain.

Our goal is to reduce or eliminate pain, prevent future problems and injury and maximise your walking comfort. As a result we strive to improve our customer’s quality of life, your well-being and your ability to live an active, healthy lifestyle.

The science of walking comfort
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Footlogics orthotics control excess pronation, a major contributing cause of common biomechanical complaints, such as

Plantar Fasciitis

Knee And Back Pain
Achilles Tendonitis
Aching Legs
Shin Splints
Knee Pain

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