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1. Decide which Footlogics model your patient requires…

Choose either a full-length or 3/4 length insole, depending on the type of shoes your patient wears. Please note only lace-up shoes, sports shoes and work boots can be fitted with a full-length orthotic. For all other footwear (with a low or flat heel) choose a 3/4 length device such as our Footlogics 3/4 PRO. This orthotic fits in most types of mens and womens shoes.

If your patient suffers from Diabetes, you may want to opt for our soft insole: the Footlogics Sensi. The Footlogics Sensi insole is also suitable for elderly patients or people with Arthritis or sensitive feet.

For younger children (up to the age of 9) you may use Footlogics Kids orthotics. Older children from about 10-12 years of age can be fitted with adult sizes, starting with XS. Please note our Footlogics Premium and 3/4 PRO starts with size XXS.

2. Choose the correct size

At the top right of the insole boxes you will find the correct shoe size. For example Footlogics size M equals US Womens 9.5 – 11 or Mens 8 – 9.5.

For greater accuracy please place the insole under your patient’s foot and make sure the arch support of the insole matches up with the arch of the foot.

When fitting a full-length insole some trimming (with normal scissors) may be required if the insole is too long. At the underside of the insole you will find trim lines that can be followed when cutting the insole to size.  Some sports shoes have a removable flat innersole. Please remove this insole before placing Footlogics inside the shoe.  This flat innersole can also be used as a template when trimming the Footlogics product.

3. Add a heel lift or meta support, if required

In some cases your patient may require a heel lift of metatarsal cushion.

A heel lift may be used for patients with Achilles Tendonitis (used in both left and right shoe) or patients presenting with a leg length discrepancy may need a heel lift under the shorter leg. Patients who present with ball of foot pain (Metatarsalgia) will benefit from a metatarsal raise. Both heel lifts and metatarsal pads are self-adhesive.

Orthotic ‘break-in’ time

Footlogics orthotics will alter the position of the foot and ankle bones. Please note the insoles are safe to use and will not cause any injury.  However, for some patients the strong arch support takes a bit of getting used to. Some patients will complain and tell you the arch is in the wrong place or pushes into the middle of the foot.

 This is totally normal. Please tell your patient to ‘break in’ the insole over time. This means the orthotics should only be worn for 1 hour on the first day, 2 hours on the second day and so on, until they feel comfortable. If your patient cannot get used to the device, please give them the Footlogics Sensi to try.

Generally, around 80- 90% of patients will get used to Footlogics orthotics in a matter of days.

Please note Footlogics offers a wide range of orthotic insoles for different type of activities, foot complaints and footwear including insoles for ladies’ fashion shoes, orthotics for Plantar Fasciitis or Metatarsalgia, football insoles etc.

The full range can be found on this website.

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