The science of walking comfort

The world is moving towards sustainability and this shift towards environmentally friendly and socially responsible materials is evident in the footwear industry. Let’s have a closer look at how Green Steps sneakers are made.
Eucalyptus S


Eucalyptus wood chips are ideal for producing footwear. The material is known for its strength and durability. It has a soft texture and is fully biodegradable. The fast growing eucalyptus trees are sustainably farmed in Vietnam and importantly, trees have the amazing ability to absorb CO2 from the atmosphere.

As result, minimising the carbon footprint of the shoe.

Sugarcane S


Sugarcane is a byproduct of sugar. After the sugar has been extracted the canes will be discarded or burnt.

Sugarcane is a strong natural fibre that is perfect for footwear production. Sugarcane grows quickly and is 100% biodegradable.

Seaweed S


Seaweed is a unique and often overlooked organism in nature. It can be used to make footbeds, also yoga mats and other foam products. The plants are fast-growing and can replenish themselves quickly. Sea algae is harvested using sustainable methods with minimal impact on the environment.

Algae found in rivers and lakes can also be used to make foam products.

Recylced Rubber S

Recycled rubber

Every year millions of car tyres end up in landfill. And it takes decades for rubber to break down. Recycled rubber is made by shredding used tyres and then bonding the rubber shreds with eco-friendly materials.

This process allows the rubber to be reused, greatly reducing the impact on the environment.

Please click to watch the video below to learn more about footwear and sustainability.
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