Achilles Tendonitis

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Achilles Tendonitis (also referred to as ‘Achilles Tendinopathy’) is presented by a consistent, sharp pain just above the back of the heel. Redness and swelling may be present and often the affected area is tender to touch. In addition, the patient may display limited ankle flexibility.


This condition is commonly caused by poor foot biomechanics. As a result of excessive pronation shearing and tractional forces are placed on the achilles tendons. These tractional forces occur at the attachment of the medial tendo-achilles, which can over time cause tearing of the achilles tendon and surrounding sheath. Inflammation and swelling are present around the attachment, resulting in pain and discomfort. Achilles Tendonitis is quite common in runners, athletes, cricket players etc. The condition will often arise suddenly with no warning and is often due to overworking the area.

Tendons are made of tough, replete connective tissue and join muscles to bones. Tendons consist of closely packed parallel bundles of collagen fibres. Tendons aren’t very flexible but are strong; they are resistant to extension. The Achilles tendon is highly susceptible to over-stretching and strain. If this strain is improperly cared for it could result in a chronic injury. With repeated strain in this area an athlete can easily develop tendonitis.


Footlogics orthotics effectively treat Achilles Tendonitis by controlling excess pronation, thus reducing medial tendo-achilles traction, providing pain relief and allowing the inflamed tissue to heal faster.

The use of Footlogics heel lifts in the shoes will benefit your patient as it will reduce the tension on the tendon. For more severe cases an air-walking brace can be worn to immobilise the joint and to prevent stretching of the Achilles during walking. Strapping can also be used to prevent over-stretching of the Achilles tendon. Other treatment options include rest/reduced activity and ice therapy. Anti-inflammatory medication can be used to ease pain and lessen the amount of fluid in the area.

Recommended Footlogics insoles:

For this common condition we suggest Footlogics Sports for runners and athletes (including cricket players). For ‘non-athletes’ we recommend Footlogics Premium for lace-up shoes and our 3/4 PRO for slip-on shoes.

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    Footlogics 3/4 PRO

    Supportive nylon shell + soft PU mid-layer and genuine leather cover. Fits into most types of footwear.

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  • Fl Premium Main

    Footlogics Premium

    Hard nylon shell + soft EVA / PU layers

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    Footlogics Sports

    High performance sports orthotic made of P.U. and gel cushioning combined with hard TPU plastic outer shell for biomechanics control. Helps prevent sports injuries like Achilles Tendonitis and Runner’s Knee.

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